Rhombus Room Divider Screen

For a waterfront home in the Florida Keys, a client commissioned a room divider screen with material depth and texture. The Rhombus pattern and design technique, previously used for occasional tables and table lamps, was applied to create individual components that could scale up for any size room divider or screen.

115”W x 78”H x 4”D
Warm White Satin glaze

Lead Time: 6 Months
*Made to order unless otherwise noted.

· Custom sizes available.
· Components in photo measure approximately: 28”W x 20”H x 4”D each.
· Components are mounted over steel pipes which secure to the substrate.
· Pricing is estimated per project, according to the size and quantity of components.
· Custom options may include size, shape, pattern, and finish. Please inquire for specific installations.
· Additional finish options are available, please check the web-site or contact us by email for more information.
· Variations occur naturally, no two pieces are identical.

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