Mobius 30×30

The Mobius fixture design was inspired by the scientific mobius strip- a contiguous strip of DNA, similar to he infinity symbol, with no beginning or end. To make these pieces, a single long ribbon of wire mesh is wrapped in a coil and then manipulated to create the intertwining form. The ribbon of mesh can be 25 to 50 feet long! Where the ends of the ribbon connect is different each time, leading to unique forms for each and every fixture. Light is diffused through the mesh openings and around each overlapping layer creating a glowing effect

30” x 30”
Warm White Satin glaze
Dark bronze patina

Lead Time: 4-5 Months

*Made to order unless otherwise noted.

  • Canopy: 5” – 6”Ø (depending on size of fixture)
  • Approximate weight: 85 lbs. Additional blocking required. Individual fixture weights vary.
  • Stem suspension from canopy w/ 3 cable hub. See shop drawing for installation details.
  • Lamping: Five (x5) E26 Medium base sockets with G25 Globe LED 8-9W bulbs. Diffuser available upon request
  • Variations occur naturally, no two pieces are identical. Finished dimensions may vary +/- 1”

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