Jewel Sconce

This sconce design was developed in collaboration with a client. The goal was to have an array of four sconces where each would look different. The solution came in the form of a unique design of the mounting hardware, which allows the designer and their installation team to select which orientation to begin with, and then easily rotate the sconce up to 45° clockwise or counterclockwise. 

*This shape is exclusive and cannot be reproduced. Variations of the form using the same hardware concept are available. 

· Custom sizes available. 

· Line voltage connection, with two (x2) E26 Medium base sockets and clear T9 LED 6W bulbs.

· U.L. Labeled.

· Variations occur naturally, no two pieces are identical. Finished dimensions may vary +/- 1”

· Additional finish options are available, please check the web-site or contact us by email for more information. 

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