Rhombus Tables

The Rhombus series is made by bending links of metal by hand. By bending consecutive links in the opposite direction, the diamond like shape of the rhombus is formed. The negative spaces within the shapes create unique patterns depending on the angle one views the piece.

17”dia. x 23”h each
Metallic Copper glaze

Lead Time: 4-5 Months

*Made to order unless otherwise noted.

  • Custom sizes available.
  • Finished Dimensions may vary slightly, +/- 1”
  • Variations occur naturally, no two pieces are identical.

Recommended Pieces

Rhombus Table 13x19x20 WW
Mangrove Coffee Table 26×19 M.C.
Rhombus Coffee Table 25×16 M.C.
Rhombus Table 14×22 (pair) M.C.
Mangrove Table 14×23 (pair) M.B.
Mangrove Table 20×23 (pair) MC
Mangrove Table 18×23
Bisected Cylinder Table
Starfish Table
Mushroom Table
Drum Table