Cmesh™: A Ceramic medium with metal skeleton structure.

Inspired by the notion of Alchemy to combine materials of little value and create something of great value, Cmesh™ was developed through an experimental artistic process. Clay and metal, normally incompatible materials, were combined in numerous ways and tested extensively until the material process was developed and refined.

Each piece begins with metal wire manipulated into a form, which is then repeatedly dipped into liquid clay or Slip. Depending on size, shape, and desired texture, each form is dipped between 8-12 times. Many factors influence surface details, such as room temperature, humidity, moisture content of the clay, and the timing of each dip. These factors are not rigidly controlled, allowing each finished piece to be unique with subtle variations occurring naturally from the creation process.

Once a form is complete, each piece is fired in the traditional manner of ceramics. The entire process often requires a minimum of 3-4 weeks to complete. Each finished piece has physical and material characteristics of traditional ceramics with distinctive aesthetic and formal qualities resulting from the metal wire within. Custom shapes and sizes can be made with certain limitations. Currently, a single form can be up to 28”W x 42”L x 27”H or 28”W x 28”D x 48”H depending on which Kiln is used; larger pieces can be made by combining multiple components.

Lead times can vary depending on the complexity and size of the piece being made, as well as how many projects are active. For smaller items the lead time can be 12-16 weeks, most pieces are 4-5 months, and larger complex pieces can require 6 months.

Maintenance and care:
Cleaning of Cmesh™ is best done with soft damp cloth. If necessary, a natural non-abrasive cleaning agent can be used. Removing dust on a regular basis is helpful. Never allow these pieces to be submerged in water. Otherwise, the same rules that apply to cleaning porcelain or glass can be applied to Cmesh™.