Scott Daniel Design, a Brooklyn-based studio headed by artist Scott Daniel Strickstein, offers contemporary lighting and furniture celebrated for its highly textural surfaces. Strickstein is best known for innovating Cmesh™, a ceramic-coated metal mesh that can be sculpted and draped, yet remains perforated to emit light.

Scott chooses sensual materials that inspire tactile interaction. His signature balances the inherent imperfections of organic elements with the precision of machined components.  The malleability of Cmesh™ allows for a wonderful lightheartedness, and imbues the pieces with a sense of motion.

Born in Detroit, he spent his youth puzzling over blueprints during visits to construction sites with his father, or watching his mother design and make clothing for the apparel industry. While attending Cranbrook high school, he took an elective in ceramics and was immediately fascinated by manipulating a material that could respond to touch. He earned a B.A. in political theory at Michigan State University, and then returned to art, attaining his B.F.A. from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.  After moving to New York he found work at the boutique furniture showroom Chista. Quickly rising to company manager, he gained experience over the next six years developing custom projects with high end residential and hospitality designers.

Scott Daniel Design launched in 2010 in tandem with his experiments to create Cmesh™.  Inspired by the idea of alchemy, Cmesh transforms common substances into something of great value, allowing him to explore notions of sculpture, design and architecture while maintaining an intimate, hands on approach.